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"From pre-production up until your project ends, Rigbox simplifies your planning with predictable cost while bringing your awesome 3D characters to life."
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Our highly specialized team understand your needs. We won’t bother you with rigging technical jargon (well, unless you want us too). We just give you a great user-experience with industry proven rigs.


Access fast, high-performance rigs.

Use Rigbox Anim Tools to customize rigs and ease the animation process.

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No need to hire riggers from around the world for short-term contracts, you can now build a reliable long-term relationship with Rigbox.


"Get creative while we focus on the technical stuff."

3D Character Rigging

Need photoreal creatures or high-end cartoon character rigging with advanced facial features? Or Mocap maybe ? Rigs for games ? We have it all. From small indie projects to full-scale production with dozen of characters. Rigs are done with Autodesk® Maya, and are game-ready if needed.

Maya Tools & Pipeline Development

Benefit from our geeky coding expertise if you need specific tools with a slick UI for your rigging or animation team. Python, OpenMaya, python, C++, PySide?Take your pick and let us help streamline your workflows.


Whether you need help evaluating the time, cost & technical requirements of your rigging project or getting assistance during production, Rigbox can advise you on technical decisions that will ease and speed up production.


Let's join our efforts on your next projects so we can build the best looking characters for your commercials, games, TV or films.


We'll be more than happy to share our knowledge with your team about best rigging practices, how to achieve the highest performance without sacrificing usability. We also offer programming classes, Python, Pymel, OpenMaya and Qt / PySide.


Gain access to our support team during animation stage and take advantage of our Wiki pages to learn how to best use Rigbox rigs.


WoAh a rigging studio!!! But We already have a rigging team, will it still work?

Of course, you already invested in a solid rigging team that is providing your productions with great assets, we completely understand and sure don’t want to overstep. What we can offer is effective collaboration with your team, by helping taking tasks you might not have time or man-power to complete.

Our rig requirements must have a specific structure and naming convention, can your rigs work with our pipeline?

Sure! That’s what we do. We are tech-oriented people. We developed tools that allows us to rig in a certain way and your company standards are applied on each rigs when we package them for delivery.

We don’t have a rigging team FOR OUR PROJECT, can you take care of everything?

Absolutely! If necessary, we can closely work together from pre-production to final delivery, giving feedbacks on model topology and scheduling milestones for each rig tasks. We also take care of developing and maintaining rigs, giving support and adapting our work to your requests. We always stay in touch with your coordination and animation teams. It’s our all-inclusive solution !

How we share our models to Rigbox and how we get your rigs in return?

We know that your models can be sensitive data and we are dedicated providing our rigs with the most secure protocol. Once the project is completed, we securely delete the files and of course, you are responsible for backing up your own data. Be assured that for the time being, your model files are safe with us.

What about support?

Support is included and unlimited for any technical problem, bug or mismanagement of deformations that is our responsibility. 

Before a project begins, we agree on the type of support you need. We can offer assistance for a limited time or during the entire animation process, adding new features if needed. Animators have access to our wiki pages, and we provide a web ticket platform to answer requests.

Are you offering modeling and texturing services?

3D character rigging and coding are our bread and butter. We are people loving what we do and prefer giving you the best services in rigging and in developing cool apps for your rig and animation teams. We have great partners that can take care of modeling, texturing, animation, etc, just ask us!

Full feature animation


Video Games

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