Cartoon character rig representing Bruno Blain, with a red tshirt and blue cap


Rigbox is a new visionary agency that wants to offer high quality rigging services to small, medium and major 3D animation, video games, visual effects, VR & AR studios, who are having a challenging time finding a skilled workforce and have neither the time nor the means to develop this expertise internally. Rigbox wants to modernize the established processes of rigging by employing advanced processes to speed up the construction of the skeletons.

For 15 years now, Bruno Blain, founder of Rigbox, has been working in the animation and VFX fields in rigging in Montreal. He has been the Head of Rigging at ModusFx, Vision Globale/MELS and L’Atelier Animation. While at thoses studios, he supervised more than 30 rigging artists in addition to developing their rigging pipelines. His unique approach of combining technical knowledge, human management and communication allowed his teams to create hundreds of cartoon and realistic rigs on TV and film productions like Netflix’s animated series Robozuna, Asterix & Obelix animation short and the feature film, Ballerina.

Our team

and collaborators

Portrait shot of Rigbox CEO and leader Bruno Blain

Bruno Blain

Founder - CEO

Coder, rigger and music lover. Takes pride in coaching his team toward success. In every challenge he sees opportunities.

Portrait shot of Rigbox 3D rigging artist and illustrator Dao Nguyen

Dao Nguyen


Storyteller, artistic, skillful and passionate about her work. She is a key member in Rigbox story.

Cat in a box


Internet Diva

She acts as she doesn’t care. When she is not shopping online, she purrs wherever she walks. She is the best.

Portrait shot of Rigbox 3D animation collaborator Francois Bonneville

François Bonneville

Animation Tool Tinker

Picky beta-tester, always got an idea for the next-gen animation tools, because in a nice UI design, each pixel is important.

Portrait shot of Rigbox business strategic advisor Simon Roux

Simon Roux


Creator of all mediums, a man of so many projects that none would fit in this box.

Portrait shot of Rigbox social medias manager

Léa Robert


In addition of creating content for Rigbox social medias, she is the best dance choreographer in town.